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Drop Camp Hunts

Hunt bear in the evening and fish for Walleye, Trout, northern pike and Smallmouth bass during the day. This hunt is for the do it yourself hunter. We will show you where your bait stations are and recommend stand placement. We have been baiting these sites from the first day of baiting and are guaranteed to be bear active. You can either camp near your hunting area or stay at a hotel.


The drop camp hunts have no time limit on the length of the hunt. It’s not for 5 days it’s for as long as you want to hunt. They also end on September 26th when I close down the main camp.


Drop camp areas are easy to moderate access with a 2WD vehicle. We do not use these areas for our guided hunts.


You are responsible for bringing a stand and safety harness. Getting yourself to and from your hunting area and taking care of your bear. We provide the bait and you can pick that up at our main camp. There are no hidden fees the cost of this hunt for 2019 is $675.00 per hunter.


We also have three drop camp areas that because of the remoteness a ATV is required. The cost of this hunt is  $725.00 per hunt.


The drop camp hunts fill up fast usually within the first couple of days after the licenses are issued. Call early to reserve your area. Also contact Kyle Anderson at 218-370-8703

Black Bear Hunting

             I have over 40 years of bear guiding experience and am a Master bear outfitter in Cook County. I am located in zone 31 which is a limited quota area. The application period is in the month of April and you can go online to the Minnesota Department of Natural resources website and fill out an application online. By being a limited quota zone it assures us of a high bear population and good hunting. If you have any questions give me a call and I can help with the application.

             I have 5 licensed guides working for me to give you the best service and make your hunt an enjoyable one. We have a very large range for the bait stations, using the Sawbill, Caribou, Gunflint, and Arrowhead trails to use as access to the different mountain ranges in the Superior National forest. I also have many private land tracts that are only available to my hunters.

            We provide transportation to and from your hunting site. When you harvest a bear we do all the work from tracking, retrieving, skinning and quartering. All you do is pose for pictures. Most of the hunters stay at local hotels or campgrounds. The hotels are at your own expense and give my hunters good deal on a room or cabin.

            For 2018 we are running three five day hunting camps. The dates of the camps are: September 1-5, September 7-11, and September 12-16.

            If you don't harvest a bear during your hunt you can come back any time after September 16th and hunt till we close camp on September 26th.

            There are no hidden costs. I want your hunt to be a memorable one and when you come as a client you'll leave as a friend. Our returning clients is a testament to our service. By having 5 licensed guides we can run around 100 bait sites so we have plenty of sites to choose a good bear from. You are responsible for the cost of your license. The cost of a guided hunt is $975.00 per hunter. I am also for 2018 am offering 8 guaranteed hunts. These hunts are you will harvest a bear or get a shot. They are more remote and use of a rifle is preferred. If you don't get a shot or harvest a bear the hunt is free. The cost of this hunt is $1500.00 per hunter. I can also put together different packages if you need. Give me a call for more information.

Captain Kelly Shepard is a Master Bear Outfitter in Minnesota and a licensed captain of the United Stated Coast Guard.

Call today to schedule a hunting trip with a fifth-generation guide with 40 years of experience.

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